What We Do

We provide an array of Human Resources and Organizational Development solutions designed to help improve business performance. With the many challenges businesses are faced with today, all businesses, regardless of size, need to stay current on HR laws, rules and regulations, while also utilizing the most efficient and effective business practices available.

Our business experience and judgment allows us to provide you with quick and comprehensive support services that cover these areas. We provide you with expertise born from years of hands-on experience that produces practical solutions to help you gain a sustainable competitive edge.

Human Resources (HR)

The HR function creates business value-add by helping to reduce operating costs while building a team atmosphere focused on generating results that move the business forward, and align HR’s goals with the strategic actions of the organization.

Our needs assessment evaluation will identify your areas needing improvement and outline specific steps to take to address critical HR issues. Areas we cover include the following:

  • Personnel policy manual development
  • Employee handbook
  • Position descriptions
  • Mitigation of risk
  • Applicable laws
  • Consultant versus employee criteria
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Performance Reviews
  • Hiring, supervising, terminating
  • I-9 and E-Verify Compliance
  • Benefits and Payroll

We also design and implement comprehensive training workshops for clients to improve and expand participants’ understanding of human resources best practices, guidelines, laws and procedures. The areas we cover include the following:

  • Diversity/EEO Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • HR Rules, Regulations and Applicable Laws

Organizational Development (OD)

The OD function should create business value-add by increasing efficiency and effectiveness through organizational streamlining and process improvement that promotes innovation, communication, teamwork, flexibility and technology integration.

Our needs assessment evaluation will identify your areas needing improvement and outline specific steps to take to address critical OD issues. Areas we cover include the following:

  • Process documentation and improvement
  • Business planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Decision support system development
  • Technology integration
  • Organization Charts
  • Functional organization manual development
  • Contractual Document Preparation
  • Business forms and agreements
  • Office Management Solutions
  • Business Development Support

Incubator-Like Facilities

Business incubators are business assistance programs that provide entrepreneurs with an inexpensive start-up environment and a range of administrative, consulting, and networking services. In essence these programs serve as homes for new companies. They offer low-cost space and the comradery of fellow entrepreneurs. Statistics indicate that incubator firms have a greater chance of survival than do other start-up businesses. We have developed an incubator-like operation to house entrepreneurs who have decided to start a new business or move out of an existing home-based operation.

Our facility includes the following benefits:

Occupants share a wide range of overhead costs and basic rent costs that are below average for the region in which we operate, which allows the occupants to realize additional savings.

We often provide occupants with insightful advice and/or information on a broad spectrum of business issues, ranging from marketing to business expansion financing.

As a former member of the Maryland Technology Development Company (TEDCO), and as a current member of Community Development Ventures and the Maryland Casino Business Investment Fund (MCBIF), Mr. Billups provides advice to occupants regarding access to the kind of early-stage capital that emerging companies desperately need.

Many small business owners, who have launched successful ventures from incubators, cite the presence of fellow entrepreneurs as a key element in their success. They note that by gathering entrepreneurs together under one roof, they create a dynamic wherein business owners can provide encouragement to one another in their endeavors, share information on business-related subjects and establish networks of communication.


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